Educating youth in the 21st century is going to be stirring and challenging. The opportunities that the new millennium is going to provide young people are infinite. Along with successful person try to become a man of value which is essential for the overall development of a human being such as self discipline honesty, integrity, positive attitude etc. God has also given us divinity and we must use education to find that divinity & choose what we want to become in life.

We at Late. Vimalbai Gangadhar Gaikwad Junior College are putting emphasis on an excellent education, for that we have excellent teaching faculty. Our all teacher are like a candles which consumes themselves to light up the way for others.

We train our young brains with the latest technology in education, and are equipped with good computer, physics, chemistry, Biology and crop science labs.

Finally “we cannot always build the future of our youth but we can build the youth for the future.”